Paisley Rose Blog is Back

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you may be wondering what happened to all the content. Well, I started a new fashion and lifestyle blog over at Spill Tea On This, and created a whole bunch of new and revamped content over there. But recently I’ve felt that I needed an outlet for more of my arts-and-crafts projects, which didn’t really fit with that blog’s “brand.” A few creative projects here or there is fine, but it is mostly fashion.
Check out my other blog at spillteaonthis.com


But I still had this blog and YouTube channel just sitting here, collecting dust, and I thought I might as well use it as a platform for all these things that I’ve been wanting to share. You may notice that my YouTube channel no longer contains beauty videos—I decided to focus on crafty things, since I have a different blog for fashion and beauty now (and my beauty videos sucked).

I won’t have a regular posting schedule, though. I’ll just post a blog and/or video whenever I have something to share, like hauls, reviews, projects, updates, FREEBIES, etc. (Hey, did you notice that allcaps and bolded FREEBIES back there? Yeah, that’s a hint at what’s to come.)
Check out my 6 Months in my Bullet Journal video!
I haven’t finished setting up the blog design yet, but I have a couple of new videos up on my channel and I wanted to direct you to them. I have an Art Supplies Haul, and a Bullet Journal Flip-Through, so take a look.
Follow me on Twitter and Instagram to find out when I post on the blog or on YouTube!
Can’t wait to share in this new adventure with you all!

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