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Journaling Wishlist – October 2017

My journaling wishlist

I have always loved pens and notebooks, as long as I can remember.

My favourite pen would change regularly throughout high school and university, and now I have a whole bunch of favourite pens that I like for different things. (Stay tuned for a post about that coming soon.)

And I wrote in notebooks a lot. I had my school agendas and my diaries and my story-writing notebooks and my song-writing notebooks. I currently have and use a ton of notebooks and planners to stay organized. Chaotic but organized. (Stay tuned for a post about that in the near future, too.)

But lately I’ve been getting really into journaling and note-taking, of various types, even more than before, and so I am running out of some things and wanting to grow into more. Enter the wishlist.


Pens on my journaling wishlist

Basically, there are a few of my favourite pens that I would like in more colours.

The Tombow Dual Brush Pens in some brighter colours, since right now I mostly have pastels and I wouldn’t mind a little switch-up in my bullet journal. I like these pens/markers because they have a bullet tip marker on one end and a brush marker on the other, so they are great for colouring in and highlighting, and most of them don’t bleed through.

The Papermate Flair Pens in the Candy Pop colours. I have almost all of the Papermate Flair pen colours, but not these ones. And they are so beautiful. I use these for making notes when when I want things to look more colourful, and also for adult colouring book pages.

And then there are the Muji Gel Pens, which I like for songwriting and brain dumping—I don’t know why I prefer these pens for those particular things, but I will go into it more in my Favourite Pens post. I like that they come in a few different tip sizes and lots of colours, so I’d like to have a bit more variety.


Notebooks on my journaling wishlist

Again, most of the stuff on this list is stuff I already have, I just want more of them.

I’d like another Leuchtturm1917 Dotted A5 Notebook to use as a brainstorming notebook, because I am currently using a MoleskineXEvernote one that is almost done, and I really like the Leuchtturm for my bullet journal, so I thought I would try it for this, too. Although it’s not the cheapest notebook ever, my last brainstorming notebook has lasted me about 4 years, and that was writing mostly single-sided. I plan to use both sides of the pages in the Leuchtturm, though, so it should last me ages.

I also need a new daily/long-form journal, preferably a spiral bound notebook in a 7”x9” size or so. I find A5 too small for long-form journaling, and full-size or letter-size is way too big. But I’m currently using one of this size and I like it a lot. It’s coming to an end soon though. Again, it’s lasted me almost 3 whole years, because I don’t write in it every single day, just when I feel like it.

I’d like some more Traveler’s Notebook Inserts because I’ve started using my cheapo ones from Tiger as a brain dumping notebook, and I’m going to fill those up soon, too. I like how not-permanent they are, so I can just jot things down and file them away later, and not worry about keeping track of them in the notebook afterwards.

And I really want a couple Rhodia Dot-Grid Paper Pads, in A4 and A5, to use for various projects. I’d like to use them for handwriting practice, and practicing designs and layouts and elements for my bullet journal, but also I love making scaled floor-plans, and quilt patterns, and things that benefit from having a grid paper. But I have run out of grid paper, so I thought maybe I would give the dot-grid a try.

Full disclosure, I have ordered a few of these things already, and by the time this post goes up, they might have arrived. Once I’ve gotten most of the stuff on the list, though, I will do a haul video to show it off, so be sure to check out my YouTube channel and subscribe so you’ll know when that goes up.

That’s all for today, folks. Let me know in the comments what’s on your journaling wishlist!



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