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Crafty Wishlist – November 2017

Crafty Wishlist

With the holidays coming up, I’ve decided to put myself on a bit of a spending ban for December. I’m only allowed to buy gifts for others during that time. But, of course, just to tempt myself, I’ve been eyeing up a few things lately that I might want to get once my spending ban is lifted—or maybe I’ll get some of them as gifts from others… Hint hint, family and friends.

Here’s what’s currently on my crafty wishlist!

Water brushes. I have one water brush and I love it for just playing around with watercolours, but I wouldn’t mind a few more in different sizes so that I can get different effects. I have regular (tiny) paint brushes for painting detailed images, but when I just want to get large washes of colour, I like the slightly larger water brush. So an assortment of sizes would be useful.

Photo printer. I think that I would be able to keep up with my Project Life albums more easily if I could print the photos at home instead of going to the store to get them printed every few months. (Or longer, if I’m particularly lazy.) The cost per print is similar, anyway, but it would save me a lot of hassle, I’d imagine.

Watercolour palette. I have one watercolour palette, but Prima Marketing do a bunch of beautiful palettes with gorgeous colours that I really want to try. I know, I could mix my own colours, and I do, but I am running out of white paint with all the soft colours I want, and these palettes have lots of pastels and muted colours. So pretty!

Tiny attacher. The Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher is a scrapbooking staple—pardon the pun. If you don’t know what it is, it is just a tiny stapler with tiny staples. I have used a regular sized stapler in my scrapbooking, but I just love the look of the tiny ones! Not an essential, really, but very cute and handy for attaching embellishments together, especially for pocket scrapbooking.

Let me know what’s on your crafty wishlist this month!


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