What to Do When You Have No Idea What to Do

What to Do When You Have No Idea What to Do

I tend to get bored. A lot. And when I get bored, I have a hard time thinking of things to do. Nothing I can come up with sounds interesting enough, or I have too many ideas and I don’t know which one to choose. Sometimes I get bored because I’m tired or feeling anxious, and sometimes I get bored because I am too inspired or motivated to narrow down my options. So I made myself a little list of things I could do, depending on my mood.

I’m sharing my list with you, in case you find any of these ideas helpful, but of course I encourage you to make your own list specific to your moods and interests.




  • have a short nap
  • watch videos/Netflix
  • drink some tea
  • read an old favourite book
  • do one small item from my to-do list to kickstart my motivation



  • listen to music
  • make a plan, so I feel less overwhelmed
  • journal
  • make a list
  • have a bath



  • write/draw something
  • look at Pinterest for ideas
  • read something new
  • learn something new
  • craft something



  • clean/organize
  • bake something
  • go for a walk
  • finish a project
  • start a new project

I find these short lists helpful whether I am at a loss for ideas or I have too many ideas. These lists can jumpstart my interest in doing something–even if it ends up not being one of these things–and help me overcome boredom.

What sort of things do you like to do when you’re feeling bored?


2 thoughts on “What to Do When You Have No Idea What to Do”

  1. Thanks for this list!
    I’m currently reading a book while listening to music in the background.
    Honestly though, I had a two hour period where I didn’t know what to do with myself and your list helped. Went straight to watching TV shows and enjoying myself 🙂

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