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Crochet Cushion Cover Tutorial

While I learned to crochet as a child, I only learned how to read a crochet pattern this past year. I used to just make up my own designs, with no way of keeping track of how I did it. But last year my mum asked for a Magikarp Hat so I had to teach myself to read a pattern. And then I went on a crochet binge. I was hooked. (Haha, get it?)

Additionally, last year we received a new chair for our living room and I thought it needed a cute cushion to go with the grey and yellow theme of the space. So why not make one myself? I kept it very simple so that I could finish it quickly—of course, I got distracted with other things and it took me 4 months to finish it, but it didn’t actually take much time working on it.

It’s also easy to adapt this “pattern” with different sizes of yarn and needles, and you don’t have to make a cushion cover. You could easily make a blanket or anything else made up of small squares.


US crochet terms
Yarn weight: 4 – medium
Hook size: 5mm
Yarn used: Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Mustard, Dark Grey Heather, and Silver Heather

Instructions for each square:
Make an 8sc magic loop
Rnd 1: ch2, dc, ch1, {2dc in same st, ch1} x7, slst into 2nd ch st
Rnd 2: ch2, {(3dc, ch2, 3dc) in next ch space, 3dc in next ch space} x3, (3dc, ch2, 3dc) in next ch space, 2dc in next ch space, slst into 2nd ch st
Fasten off and weave in ends (or use end to sew squares together).

Make 12 squares of each colour for the front of the cushion—or however many you need based on the size of your squares and cushion.

For the back of the cushion, you can either make it the same as the front and sew the edges around the cushion insert, or you can make an extra 2 squares of each colour to create an overlap in the back, and fasten it with a button or, cheat like I did and use a safety pin. Hah.

Beginning of Round 1
End of Round 1
Round 2
Completed square
Completed front
Completed cushion cover
Held together with a safety pin for now!

This was my first ever crochet tutorial, so I hope it made sense. If you make something with this pattern, share it with me on Twitter or Instagram!


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