Digital Wallpaper – Stationery Design

I’ve been playing around with creating repeating patterns, and I decided to draw a bunch of stationery from around my desk to create one, which I think is pretty cute. You can download this pattern for your computer desktop or phone wallpaper below!

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February 2018 Favourites

March is finally here, which means spring is just around the corner! (Maybe.) As I write this, I am in Florida, where it has been in the high twenties (Celsius) all week. So I’m not complaining. But I’m also not looking forward to going back home to the freezing cold. Bleh.

Anyway, enough about the weather—on to the favourites!

I got a new phone this month, which I am loving. I did some research to figure out which phone would be right for me, and I settled on the Google Pixel 2, for several reasons including the amazing camera. And I’ve definitely been taking more photos with it. (Such as all of the photos above.) Which leads me to my next favourite…

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