bullet journal, PLANS

Current Notebook Lineup

Notebook Collection

I love notebooks. Maybe a little too much. Here are the notebooks I am currently using — it does not include the ones I own which I am not currently using, because that would be a never-ending list and this video is long enough. So grab a cup of tea or coffee and let’s take a look at my collection!

-On the go brain dump notebook (White, IKEA)
-On the go sketchbook (White, Moleskine)
-Secret project notes (Handmade, Sealemon Coptic Stitch Tutorial: https://youtu.be/ue52htX3j0k)
-Dream journal (Light blue, Indigo)
-Brain dump & BuJo brainstorming notebook (TN, Tiger)
-Creative journal & Gratitude log & Lists & Travel journal (TN, Webster’s Pages)
-Song lyrics notebook (Red monsters, Paperchase)
-Music journal (Red A5, Leuchtturm1917)
-Bullet journal (Emerald A5, Leuchtturm1917)
-Bullet journal practice (Berry A5, Leuchtturm1917)
-Ideas journal (Nordic Blue A5, Leuchtturm1917)
-Sketchbook (Black, Curry’s)
-Daily journal (Marble & Pink, Hobbry)
-Fibre crafts patterns journal (Red Master Slim, Leuchtturm1917)
-Designs/schematics journal (Nordic Blue Master Slim, Leuchtturm1917)
Let me know in the comments what notebooks you are currently using!

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